About Clark's Gallery

Clark's Gallery currently sells greeting cards, post cards, matted prints and framed prints. We are committed to growing and expanding our inventory based on what our customers desire. If you have suggestions or ideas, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Clark D. Woodford

Born and raised in the lush green landscape of The Pacific Northwest, snow capped mountains and free flowing, majestic rivers were the daily norm. Moving to Southern California in 1997 presented an entirely new landscape for me to explore and enjoy. New to desert living, I soon discovered the beauty and serenity of the desert landscapes of the Southwestern United States.

The Mojave Desert has proven especially intriguing. Over the past few years I have explored the areas between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, North to the Owens Valley, East to The Salton Sea and historic Route 66 for a series of photos showing the beauty of the deserted desert. Many of the structures, as you will see in my desert series, have been stripped of their copper wiring, pipes and anything else that can be melted down and sold. Other homes have become methamphetamine labs, dumping grounds and party spots for kids and young adults. I invite you to take a moment, as I have, to enjoy the wonder of what once was.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through all of my work. Take yourself from the vibrant colors of The Great Barrier Reef to the alluring landscape of Downtown Los Angeles. Whatever intrigues you, I hope you will find it here.

Thank you for stopping by.